Arduino Training

Upcoming Batch: 05th December  ( Monday to Friday)

Mode of Training: Classroom 

Duration: 30 hours

Hardware Kit: Advanced Hardware Kit (Arduino UNO, Sensors, Actuator, and other peripheral Devices) will be given to every participant.

Fee: INR 12,000/- + GST Enroll now get 20% off on fee,  Pay Only INR 9,600/- +GST

About Course

Arduino training program by TechTrunk  Ventures. Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It’s an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board and a development environment for writing program for the board.The 45 hours Arduino training module includes a complete hands-on session on Arduino.

Fee: INR 7500/-

Hardware Kit: Hardware Kit (Arduino UNO, Sensors, Actuator and other peripheral Devices) will be given to every participant.

Duration: 45 hours

Mode of Training: Online

Upcoming Batch:

  • Online Batch: 26th June-7:00 PM – 10 PM, IST,  (Mon-Fri)

Course Content

    • Introduction of Electronic Components
    • What is Electronic Component?
    • History of Electronic Component
    • Various Electronic Component
    • Application of Electronic Component
    • How to use Electronic Component
    • Introduction to Computational Devices
    • What is Computational Device?
    • Transistor
    • Logic Gates
    • Microprocessor
    • Microcontroller
    • Difference B/W Various Computational Devices
    • Application of various Computational Devices
    • Selection of Computational Device
    • How to use Various Computation Device/
    • Work on AVR Family with Mega Series (ATmega8/16/328)

    • Let’s Start with ARDUINO
    • Course overview
    • What you will need for course
    • What is ARDUINO
    • Understanding of bread board connection
    • Installation of IDE
    • Troubleshooting of ARDUNIO
    • Information about ARDUINO function
    • Setting up Operating System
    • Understanding ARDUNIO Development Environment
    • Understanding the ARDUINO “SETUP” command
    • Understanding ARDUNIO “LOOP” Command
    • Arduino Programming Concept
    • Basic Programming
    • LED interfacing
    • Digital & Analog Read programming
    • Looping & Sensor Syntex

    • Introduction to Sensors
    • What is Sensor?
    • Various Basic Industrial Sensors-IR- Analog Sensor
    • IR Digital Sensor
    • Light Sensor
    • Sound Sensor
    • DTMF Module
    • Basic working Technique of Sensor
    • Application of Sensor
    • How to work on Educational & Engineering Level Actuator
    • DC Motor
    • DC Geared Motor
    • Stepper Motor
    • Servo Motor

    • What is Driving System?
    • Various Types of Driving System
    • Why need Driving System
    • What is Timer/Counter
    • Application of Timers/Counter
    • Registers of Timers/Counter’s Different Modes
    • Programming on Atemga8 Timers/Counter

    • Serial & Wireless Communication
    • Difference between Parallel and Serial Communication
    • Reading the value from the sensor on serial monitor
    • RF Communication
    • Designing IR Sensor-Based Robots: Line Follower and Obstacle Avoider Robot
    • Designing Serial Communication-based systems: PC Controlled Systems
    • Designing RF Controlled Based Systems
    • Relay & Switches
    • Working principal of Relay
    • Interfacing relay with Arduino

    • Introduction to HC05 Bluetooth Module
    • Interfacing HC05 with Arduino
    • Communication HC05 with Smart Phone
    • Controlling the GPIOs from Smartphone
    • Designing Smart Home (Controlling the home appliance using smartphone)


    IoT with Arduino

    • About Internet of things
    • Role of Arduino in IoT
    • Application of IoT
    • Scope of IoT
    • Industrial approach
    • Introduction to ESP 8266
    • Interfacing ESP 8266 with Arduino
    • Connecting ESP 8266 with the Internet
    • Controlling the Arduino from the Internet (Smartphone and Computer)













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