Transfer Learning for Computer Vision




Pre-requisites of BootCamp

Basic Idea of Mathematics, Python and Machine Learning 

Attendee must be a professional or fresher candidate 


System Requirements

8 GB RAM, i5+ Processor, Window/Mac/Linux 

Internet Connection


Mode of BootCamp

Online Live Instructor-Led


Total Learning Duration

4 Hours (fully Hand-on)


Learning outcome of BootCamp 

1. Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks                                                            

2. Programing CNN for image classification                                                                      

3. Understanding transfer learning                                                                                   

 4. Introduction to imagenet using pretrained networks from imagenet for transfer learning

5. Image Classification using transfer learning                                                                 



0 INR/- (there is no fee for learning)



TechTrunk Ventures Pvt Ltd can provide paid Certificate for the interested candidate (Certification charge INR 999/-)


Schedule of BootCamp

25th and 26th May, 8 AM- 10 AM, IST



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