Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning -Self Learning Course

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning -Self Learning Course

AI & Machine Learning Course using Python

Course Overview

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning  is Gain expertise in one of the most fascinating and fastest growing areas of computer science through an innovative online program that covers fascinating and compelling topics in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its applications

Machine learning is a connected insight or arithmetic. It is a sub-field of software engineering. This part gives a short presentation about the Machine learning, history of machine learning, sorts of issues and errands in machine learning and its calculations.

Course Objective

Toward the finish of this course, you will have the capacity to
  1. Identify potential zones of uses of Machine Learning & AI
  2. This course covers foundational concepts and hands-on learning of leading machine learning tools, such as Python and TensorFlow.
  3. Providing Handon experience on a real-time case study.

Course Outcome

In Self Learning Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, the results are truly intriguing, after this course, you ought to have a solid comprehension of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence with the goal that you can seek after any further and further developed learning.

Here we provide training through artificial intelligence and machine learning video tutorial so you are going to learn the course by your self and we provide all time support with your queries and the major course part is run by python programming for machine learning python program is well suited and we prefer machine learning python course because it is open source and easily understood by candidates than other programming languages.

Software & Tools

A learner will be using given software and tool during this course.


and other …


Candidate must have basic knowledge of any programing language & Mathematics

Software and Machine –

  • Anaconda – https://www.anaconda.com/download/ (According to bit version 32 bit for 32 Machine and 64 bit for 64-bit machine)
  • Python Libraries used (Most of them are already available in Anaconda, others we will install during the training)
Machine Requirement:
  • Recommended – Machine with 4GB RAM, i3 or above quad-core processor
  • Requirement: Working Internet Connection throughout the training for participants.


Q. How long does it take to finish the  Course?

A. Time to finish can change in view of your calendar, yet most students can finish the Specialization in 3 months.

Q. How can we do practice?

A. We are providing hand on training, we use to provide all coding and connection guideline for your practice.

Q. How can we resolve our queries?

A. We are providing 24*7 Technical support till 3 Months, for any query you may reach on support@techtrunk.in

Q. Do you provide any Certificate for this course?

A. Yes, Course IoT Certification from TechTrunk Ventures.

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Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 (Demo)

    In this Module we will cover, Introduction to AI and Machine Learning. Application of Machine Learning- Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning, Classification, Regression, Clustering, Anomaly Detection Recommendation, System Algorithms in Machine Learning and Introduction to Deep Learning

  • Module 2

    In this module you will be able to popup with Python Programming, Object of this Module to make a fearless Python Coder, You will get to learn, practices and implement use cases, Build expertise in python programming, after learning python you can quick start with AI & ML

  • Module 3

    In this module you will experience different tools for Statistics-

  • Module 4

    In this module you will learn about Statistics of Data- Data Variable, Mean, Mode, Median, Standard Deviation Variance, Correlation and Probability

  • Module 5

    Starting with Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Module 6

    In this module we will starting with Artificial Neural NetWorks

  • Module 7

    Here, are continue with ANN Example and Introduction with Image Processing

  • Module 8

    Here you are going to learn forecasting, time series

  • Module 9

    Here you will learn Unsupervised learning

  • Module 10

    In this module you will learn Natural Language Processing and It's Model


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A Technical expert and a passionate trainer has expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT, he has a proven work record of delivering more than 100+ workshops and Technical Training in various technologies and domains at the top MNCs, premier organizations including IITs, NITs and other premier educational organizations. He has delivered 50+ corporate Training to clients from India and abroad. Skills- Programming Languages: Python, Arduino, R, MATLAB Scripting Languages: HTML, JS, CSS AI Skills: Machine Learning – Linear & Logistic Regression, Clustering, Artificial Neural Networks, SVM, Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic, Natural Language Processing, PCA, CNN, LSTM AI, ML Tools & Platforms: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Azure ML, AWS, Apache Spark Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, Intel Edison, Xbee, LoRaWAN IoT Platforms: AWS IoT, Thingworx, ThingsBoard, IBM Watson IoT, ThingSpeak, myDevices, Twilio, node-red, Ubidots, PubNub, IoT Gateway


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