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Internet of Things (IoT) Course

Course Overview

In the world of digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation for digitalization for Industries and one of the most important technologies under Industry 4.0. IoT is enabling industries to make their gadgets, physical devices and objects create and consume data which in turn gives them the ability to make use of a data-driven model of business. IoT skills are one of the most preferred skills required for an IT Professionals and are one of the first choices by IT professionals across the world when it comes to reskilling.

This course covers all the standard hardware platform, popular IoT Cloud platform such as AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, Thingboard etc.

This course is designed by the Industry experts and evangelists to enable learner easily get started with IoT Projects.

IoT Project management and real-time project experience help learners to have a complete idea of IoT.

Provides you the internet of things certifications along with life-time access on LMS portal and course.

The Course covers

  • Internet of Things Basics
  • IoT Hardware – Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Communication Modules – HC05, ESP8266
  • HTTP, MQTT, and CoAP
  • Node-Red
  • AWS IoT
  • IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson IoT
  • IoT Analytics
  • Course Objective

The goal of the course is to

  1. Make the learner a confident IoT Professional having relevant skills to get started with an IoT Project.
  2. Make the learner work with standard IoT Protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, CoAP and HTTP which in turn make them expert in developing IoT Products.
  3. Understand IoT Market point of view and how IoT is being adapted by Industries like Automobile, Mining, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Retail etc.
  4. Data and Knowledge Management and utilization of Devices in IoT Technology.
  5. Understand State of the Art – IoT System Architecture.
  6. Real World IoT Design Constraints, Industrial Automation and Commercial Building Automation in IoT.
  7. Make them learn and work with standard projects related to the Internet of Things.
  8. At the end the course makes one become a demanding candidate to get hired for an IoT role in any industry.
  9. Make a learner easily land up to a job role of either IoT Developer, IoT Architect in IT Industry by iot tutorial.

 IoT introduction & Course Outcome

  1. The learner will get the sound understanding of core concepts and subdomains of IoT and Industry 4.0
  2. A learner will get proficiency in writing codes for developing IoT Gateway, collecting telemetry data and visualizing data.
  3. The learner will be able to land up in a job role of an IoT Professional, working on IoT Projects.
  4. The Learner can also easily switch from existing job role with around of 20% hike from the current salary switch to any of the field where IoT and Industry 4.0 techniques are being used.

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A Technical expert and a passionate trainer has expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT, he has a proven work record of delivering more than 100+ workshops and Technical Training in various technologies and domains at the top MNCs, premier organizations including IITs, NITs and other premier educational organizations. He has delivered 50+ corporate Training to clients from India and abroad. Skills- Programming Languages: Python, Arduino, R, MATLAB Scripting Languages: HTML, JS, CSS AI Skills: Machine Learning – Linear & Logistic Regression, Clustering, Artificial Neural Networks, SVM, Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic, Natural Language Processing, PCA, CNN, LSTM AI, ML Tools & Platforms: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Azure ML, AWS, Apache Spark Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, Intel Edison, Xbee, LoRaWAN IoT Platforms: AWS IoT, Thingworx, ThingsBoard, IBM Watson IoT, ThingSpeak, myDevices, Twilio, node-red, Ubidots, PubNub, IoT Gateway


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  • December 1, 2018 at 11:25 am

    The session seemed very useful, informative, interesting and excellent course. Very good introduction internet for things.

  • December 1, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Interesting contents from a historical perspective.Had a great experience to know the basics about IoT. Excited about further courses.

  • November 21, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    The course is really great. It gives the student a basic understanding of everything in embedded systems and IOT and Encourages the user to dive deep into this stuff. Easy and motivating introduction to IoT and the things that are a part of it.

  • November 3, 2018 at 10:43 am

    I enjoyed this course from the very first session. The content guides you from a very basic approach of the fundamentals to the advanced level with practical knowledge in just a few days of training.

  • November 2, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    This course really just pushes me to put everything. I learn into work, It was exactly the way I wanted a capstone project to be! Would recommend it after you complete the rest of the series of courses. Thank you, Mr. Anshu

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