Internet of Things | IoT | Self Learning Course

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Internet of Things | IoT | Self Learning Course

Internet of Things  (IoT) Course

Course Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) is introducing new time in science and innovation, which will always show signs of changing our own and also proficient lives, our customer propensities and the way we work together. With the quickly evolving world, these most recent developments and advancements will turn into the standard by 2020 and we evaluate more than 50 billion gadgets will be associated by means of the Internet. Keeping in mind the end goal to make early adopters, we have presented a one of its kind course on ‘Internet of Things’, the following huge thing in the IT business.

The Course covers –

IoT Hardware – Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Communication Modules – HC05, ESP8266 Communication Protocols- HTTP, MQTT and CoAP Cloud Platform- Node-Red, AWS IoT, IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson IoT, IoT Analytics


Course Objective

The goal of the IoT training is to:
  1. Vision and Introduction to IoT.
  2. Understand IoT Market point of view.
  3. Data and Knowledge Management and utilization of Devices in IoT Technology.
  4. Understand State of the Art – IoT Architecture.
  5. Real World IoT Design Constraints, Industrial Automation IoT and Commercial Building Automation in IoT.
  6. IoT certification.

Course Outcome

With a specific end goal to pass the course, the understudies ought to have the capacity to:
  1. Explain in a succinct way how the general Internet and in addition Internet of Things work.
  2. Understand imperatives and chances of remote and portable systems for an Internet of Things.
  3. Use fundamental estimation instruments to decide the continuous execution of bundle based systems.
  4. Analyze exchange offs in interconnected remote installed sensor systems.


  1. Familiar with the fundamental programming of Programming (i.e C)
  2. A basic idea of Electronic Component

DIY KIT Components

The kit includes the following components –

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. USB Type II Cable
  3. IR Proximity Sensor
  4. DHT11 Module
  5. MQ2 Gas Sensor
  6. HC05
  7. ESP8266
  8. Breadboard
  9. LEDs
  10. Resistors
  11. Connecting Wires
  12. Raspberry Pi 3
  13. Micro SD Card Class 10 – 16GB
  14. Card Reader
  15. Micro USB Cable
  16. Ethernet Cable
  17. 12V Relay Module


Q. How long does it take to finish the  Internet of Things (IoT) Course?

A. Time to finish can change in view of your calendar, yet most students can finish the Specialization in 3 months.

Q. Does the hardware kit include this fee?

A. No, a hardware kit is not included in this fee.

Q. Do you provide Hardware kit? How can we get the hardware KIT? and How much time will take to receive the KIT?

A. Yes, we do. After completion of your payment, we will Currier the KIT to your address. You will receive the kit within 3-4 Working days, after your payment. Kit price will be INR 6000/- 

Q. How can we do practice?

A. We are providing hands-on training, we provide all coding and connection guideline for your practice.

Q. How can we resolve our queries?

A. We are providing 24*7 Technical support till 3 Months, for any query you may reach on support@techtrunk.in

Q. Do you provide any Certificate for this course?

A. Yes, Course IoT Certification from TechTrunk Ventures.

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Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 (Demo)

    This Module cover Introduction to IoT and How it works?

  • Module 2

    IoT Protocols, Hardware Architectures, Programmable Systems and Introduction to Arduino

  • Module 3

    In this Module you will learn Arduino Pin description, Digital/Analog Input, Arduino first Program, Serial and Parallel Communication, Sensors Introduction,Basic Syntaxes of Arduino Programming, IR & DHT11 Sensor Interfacing and PWM

  • Module 4

    This module will cover MQTT- Import the library and define the MQTT Client, Connect the MQTT Client to Broker, Publishing the Data and Disconnect the Client, Adafruit, TCP, UDP, CoAP, HTTP and XMPP

  • Module 5

    In this module you are going to learn IoT Protocols, Interfacing ESP8266 (WiFi Module) with Arduino, Socket Programming using TCP & UDP, basic Idea of Raspberry PI and OS Installation in Raspberry PI

  • Module 6

    In this module you are going to learn Node red Installation for Arduino and sketching, getting started with Python Programming- Data Types, Operator, functions, Control Structures, oops Concepts and Packages, pip Install Numpy, matplotlib, pandas and paho-mqtt

  • Module 7

    Raspberry Pi Configuration, Pin Layout of RPi, getting start with Python Programming for Raspberry Pi, Sensor Data plotting on ThingsSpeak & MQTT with Arduino

  • Module 8

    This Module covers Connecting Raspberry Pi with Cloud and Data Plotting

  • Module 9

    This Module Cover Connecting Bluetooth Module with Arduino and Raspberry Pi with CoAP Protocols

  • Module 10

    Getting Start with AWS, AWS Services and AWS IoT

  • Case Study


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A Technical expert and a passionate trainer has expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT, he has a proven work record of delivering more than 100+ workshops and Technical Training in various technologies and domains at the top MNCs, premier organizations including IITs, NITs and other premier educational organizations. He has delivered 50+ corporate Training to clients from India and abroad. Skills- Programming Languages: Python, Arduino, R, MATLAB Scripting Languages: HTML, JS, CSS AI Skills: Machine Learning – Linear & Logistic Regression, Clustering, Artificial Neural Networks, SVM, Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic, Natural Language Processing, PCA, CNN, LSTM AI, ML Tools & Platforms: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Azure ML, AWS, Apache Spark Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, Intel Edison, Xbee, LoRaWAN IoT Platforms: AWS IoT, Thingworx, ThingsBoard, IBM Watson IoT, ThingSpeak, myDevices, Twilio, node-red, Ubidots, PubNub, IoT Gateway


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    October 13, 2018 at 01:33 am

    I walk out of the training confidently that I now know end to end of IoT. Good coverage of concepts and hands-on also. Please keep me notified of any advanced training programs on IoT.

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