Internet of Things | IoT | Self Learning Course

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Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 (Demo)

    This Module cover Introduction to IoT and How it works?

  • Module 2

    IoT Protocols, Hardware Architectures, Programmable Systems and Introduction to Arduino

  • Module 3

    In this Module you will learn Arduino Pin description, Digital/Analog Input, Arduino first Program, Serial and Parallel Communication, Sensors Introduction,Basic Syntaxes of Arduino Programming, IR & DHT11 Sensor Interfacing and PWM

  • Module 4

    This module will cover MQTT- Import the library and define the MQTT Client, Connect the MQTT Client to Broker, Publishing the Data and Disconnect the Client, Adafruit, TCP, UDP, CoAP, HTTP and XMPP

  • Module 5

    In this module you are going to learn IoT Protocols, Interfacing ESP8266 (WiFi Module) with Arduino, Socket Programming using TCP & UDP, basic Idea of Raspberry PI and OS Installation in Raspberry PI

  • Module 6

    In this module you are going to learn Node red Installation for Arduino and sketching, getting started with Python Programming- Data Types, Operator, functions, Control Structures, oops Concepts and Packages, pip Install Numpy, matplotlib, pandas and paho-mqtt

  • Module 7

    Raspberry Pi Configuration, Pin Layout of RPi, getting start with Python Programming for Raspberry Pi, Sensor Data plotting on ThingsSpeak & MQTT with Arduino

  • Module 8

    This Module covers Connecting Raspberry Pi with Cloud and Data Plotting

  • Module 9

    This Module Cover Connecting Bluetooth Module with Arduino and Raspberry Pi with CoAP Protocols

  • Module 10

    Getting Start with AWS, AWS Services and AWS IoT

  • Case Study

Session 1. Introduction to IoT

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