Robotics Process Automation (RPA)-Instructor Led Course

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA)-Instructor Led Course

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) using Automation Anywhere

Course Overview-

Our RPA Course helps you to understand the concepts around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using the leading RPA tool named ‘AUTOMATION ANYWHERE’. Robotic Process Automation is the automation of repetitive and rule based human tasks working with the software applications. In this course, you will learn about the RPA concepts and will gain in-depth knowledge on AUTOMATION ANYWHERE tool using which you will be able to automate real-world processes at the enterprise level such as Insurance Claims Processing, Accounts Payable / Purchase Orders Processing, Invoice Processing, Complaints Management, Customer Feedback Analysis, Employee onboarding, Compliance Reporting, and many more.

Course Objective

  1. To make the learner capable of automating the business process by developing bots using RPA Tool.
  2. Re-skill the learner with a new technology
  3. To make the learner capable of understanding the business process and help to improve it operation and minimize the costs by automating the process.

The Course covers

  1. Introduction to RPA
  2. Case Studies
  3. Identify where to apply RPA
  4. Tool Expertise (Automation Anywhere)
  5. Deployment and Bot Management
  6. Hacks and tricks of the tool

Course Outcome

  1. The learner will get a sound understanding of the core concepts of RPA and developing bots.
  2. They will be able to shift to ongoing RPA projects in their company and also get a good hike (20%).
  3. Learner after completion of the course will also be capable of applying for RPA roles in the industry.


Basic Technical knowledge Microsoft Office

Machine Requirement-

  1. Windows Machine (Windows 10) Machine
  2. 8 GB RAM (recommended) – AA

Software used-


5 Possible Project (2+ Projects will cover out of given projects)

Hands-on- 75% (10+ labs)

  1. Inventory Management for retail business – Vendor registration, customer data management
  2. Web-based Process Automation – document download, handling databases
  3. Automation of incoming customer email query processing
  4. Client Profile Updates process automation
  5. Digital Labour for Manual Sales account entry

Study Material-

  1. PPTs
  2. Practice Examples
  3. Reading Material in softcopy
  4. Project Codes

Suggested Job Profile after taking this course

  1. Automation Engineer
  2. Automation Architect
  3. AA Developer
  4. AA Professional
  5. RPA Professional
  6. Process Designer

Download Course Curriculum


Fee INR 15,000/- including all Tax and Services
Duration 40 Hours Hand On Training + 10 Hours Project Work
Mode of Training Online Live Instructor-Led Class


Upcoming Batch Schedule From – 03rd Aug 2020, 6:30 PM to 8 PM, IST (Monday to Friday )

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