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Drive healthy with Audi Fit Driver

Drive healthy with Audi Fit Driver

What does it do?

Drive healthy with Audi Fit Driver, Car tracks heart-rate and skin temperature, but why, we have other wearables which do the same work, wait, here is Audi making the difference, with the tracked data the car access the driver’s state. This incorporates data from the vehicle sensor with respect to driving style & external conditions such as weather, road, and traffic conditions, and it also tracks the breathing rate. Interpreting all the data the system come to know the state of mind & body of a driver and if the driver is a bit nervous, tensed or tired, the Audi car tries to relax driver through massages, infotainment updates, changes to lighting levels and air conditioning and thus makes driver comfortable and relaxed.

If car thinks that the driver is too tired or lacks sleep or is intoxicated and is no more can control car, the car may also initiate “piloted emergency stop” and in extreme cases place an emergency call. It also provides breathing exercises on display to relax the driver. Direct control of car important system is not touched yet.

Why Fit Driver?

It is not just about tracking driver’s health and making him/her feel comfortable or relaxed but the whole idea looks beyond it. It is collecting data and analyzing & interpreting how a driver will react to different weather, road and traffic conditions and thus can incorporate new software or make changes to existing software in such a way that car can control itself completely and in case of an emergency car goes to the nearest hospital. It is a great step in making a full autopilot car.

It is still in the testing stage but the company wants to make it to available in the market as soon as possible, so you will see Audi Fit Driver in the coming months on roads.

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