FTB on AI & Machine Learning

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Course Overview-

TechTrunk Launched the fast-track batch for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Machine Learning is the study of Algorithms and Statistical models. Computer system use to progressively improve their performance on a specific task.

Accelerate your career in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning without any career break and specialize as a machine learning developer.

Course Objective-

  1. To make the learner identify potential zones of uses of AI and ML.
  2. Providing experience of working with real time applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the learner.
  3. Make a learner easily land up to a job role of either Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, NLP Expert in IT Industry.

Course Covers-

  1. Machine Learning Algorithms
  2. Supervised Learning –Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, SVM, Decision Tree, Random Forest and ANN
  3. Unsupervised Learning Algorithms – k Means, DBSCAN, Anomaly Detection, PCA
  4. Time Series Forecasting
  5. NLP – Sentiment Analysis, Chatbots
  6. Computer vision – Face Recognition, Emotion Detection

Special privileges- 

  1. Digital classroom training
  2. Job Assistance
  3. Assignments
  4. Real –Time Projects
  5. Course Certification

We will Cover 2+ Capstone Project, Assignment and Assessment 

  1. Artificial Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence
  2. Crypto currency forecasting
  3. Computer Vision
  4. Self – driving car
  5. IPL Prediction using Machine Learning
  6. Criminal Detection System using Face Recognition
  7. Real time Emotion Detection from speech
  8. Real time Brand Analysis from Social Media Data

Software and Tools-

A learner will be using given software and tool during this machine learning course, Instructor will help to the learner for installing the software.


Course Duration-

  1. Mode of Training: Classroom
  2. Duration: 60+20 Hours ( 60 Hours Training + 20 Hours Project Development) 

Course Schedule-

  1. Dates: 27th May 2019
  2. Regular Fast track Batch 3 Hours each day (Monday to Friday)


Basic knowledge of  any other programming language’s like C, C++, Java etc.., if candidate having basic idea of python would be added advantage.

Machine Requirement-

  1. Windows Machine (Windows 7 or Above) /Linux Machine
  2. Only 64 Bit
  3. 4 GB RAM (8 GB Recommended)
  4. Internet Connection (Minimum 2mbps)

Suggested Job Profile after taking this course-

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Machine Learning Engineer
  3. AI Engineer
  4. NLP Expert
  5. Data Analyst
  6. BI Professional
  7. R & D Professional

Fee Details & Registration Procedure-

Fee Window Fee 
Regular Window INR 15000+ 18% GST = INR 17700/-
Early Window  [ Open ] INR 12000+ 18% GST = INR 14760/-

Registration Procedure-

  1. Candidate has to pay 5000/- as a registration fee.
  2. Remaining fee candidate can pay 1st day of Training 
  3. After Completion of Payment company will book you seats for particular Training
for more details you can Call/WhatsApp 9182275802

Important Dates- 

  1. Registration Starting Date: 25th April
  2. Registration Closing Date: 20th May
  3. Last day of registration fee Payment- 21st May
  4. Batch Schedule- 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, IST, Monday to Friday, starting from 27th May

Download Course Curriculum

For any query please fee free to contact us- 

Call/WhatsApp- 6305541013/9182275802

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