Robotics Workshops


In Robotics Workshops we are having alot of new innovative robotics based Courses.In Robotics Workshops we are having Brain wave controlled robotics, Maze Solver robotics,IOT Botix,App Controlled Robotics,Swarm Robotics,Servant Robotics,Sattelite Robotics,Line follower robotics and many more.Robotics is the for all the branch of engineering and Science that includes mechanical ,electrical,Electronics and communication,Computer science and other engineering too.It’s hard to say, given the rapid pace of change in the field as well as in associated areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.As we know that the next world is of robots. It create lots of opportunities. It is one of the fascinating branch of engineering in which inventions happen frequently. To make you know and learn the latest inventions as well as conventional methods and to make the most of it, we provide Robotics Workshops.We genrally covers practical part i.e fully hands on Session.

We are having best experts in robotics for respective workshops.

Our creative and skilled trainers take you to the world of robotics to make you feel the subject

Workshop Time: 2/3/5 days