Smart Phone Based Security System

Smart Phone Based Security System

Problem Statement: Develop a Security model for an IoT Device using Arduino which makes Arduino accept password of length 6 (in order to access the device) from a smartphone via Bluetooth. If the password entered by the user is correct then Arduino should allow the user to control the application otherwise Switch ON the buzzer for 2 seconds.

Proposed Solution: For providing security implementation for an IoT Device,  we have created a sample password of 6 digits as ”abcdef” when a user enters the password, Android application verifies the password. If the password is correct, the application should give the message “you have entered the right password “and the LED should glow. If a password entered is incorrect the LED should go off and buzzer should be switched ON.


  1. HC‐05 Bluetooth module
  2. buzzer
  3. Arduino UNO R3
  4. Bred Board
  5. Jumper Wire
  6. Arduino Centrale app

End Product:


Arduino Source Code for the above model:

int buzz=7;

int led=13;

String pass=”abcdef”;

String data;

void setup() {

// put your setup code here, to run once:






void loop() {

// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

while (Serial.available()){


//Run fuction to de activate the system:

char z=Serial.read();



if (data.length()>0){

if (data==pass) {


Serial.println(“you have entered the right password”);


else {









In this way we build Smart Phone Based Security System by using Arduino with simple structured coding.

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