New Innovative Workshops

In New Innovative Workshops we learn latest technology trends.In New Innovative Workshops we are having Barin wave controlled Robotics,Artificial Intelligence,3-D Game Development,Virtual reality ,CFD and many more.As we know Innovation is what makes the change. It is rocketing in the field of Engineering & Technology. Learning these technologies is an immense joy. And we, TechTrunk Ventures want to give that joy.

Theory and practical going hand in hand to give you complete insight.

We believe “the best and easiest way of learning is to question,” and so our trainers want you to do it.

See. Experiment. Question. Learn. Our trainers make you involve, think and thus, inspire you to innovate.

Mechanical Workshops

The use of software tools has become an integral part of Mechanical Engineering especially in Design, Analysis and Manufacturing. New materials, manufacturing methods, analysis techniques and cutting edge technologies are keep on evolving in the branch of Mechanical Engineering.

In order to make you familiar, know and learn cutting edge technologies and software tools in Mechanical Engineering as well as to stay tough at the core, we, TechTrunk Ventures offer a range of Workshops such as 3D Printing, Advanced Automobile Mechanics, Industrial Automation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, etc.

CSE/IT Workshops

In CSE/IT field of engineering where inventions happen at supersonic speed.The CSE/IT Workshop content

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps, Python programming and Ethical Hacking. The present and future technologies. As IoT devices increase the demand for these technologies will also increase and we want you to make the most out of these technologies, and thus, offer Workshops to make you know, understand and grab the opportunities in these technologies.

Civil Engineering Workshops

Civil Engineering workshops is incorporating software tools into it for Drafting, Designing and Analyzing. New methods and new materials are evolving.

In order to make you know, learn and experience new technologies, software tools as well as conventional methods and to grab the opportunities, we organize workshops. Bridge Designing, E- Tabs, Foundation Analysis, Pipe Designing are few of them.

designed by our trainers with a well-mixed concrete of theory and practical which gives you a complete insight in each and every view.

Electrical & Electronics Workshop

To give you the spark of latest technologies, software tools, new designing methods, communication techniques in the field of Electrical & Electronics, we proudly provide a wide range of workshops such as Advanced Wireless Communication, Internet of Things, MATLAB, PCB Designing, Embedded systems, Electrical CAD, etc.

Our trainers design Workshops in such as way making theory as a stator and practical as a rotor and thus a better output of power i.e. a clear insight of concept and application.

Robotics Workshops

In Robotics Workshops we are having alot of new innovative robotics based Courses.In Robotics Workshops we are having Brain wave controlled robotics, Maze Solver robotics,IOT Botix,App Controlled Robotics,Swarm Robotics,Servant Robotics,Sattelite Robotics,Line follower robotics and many more.Robotics is the for all the branch of engineering and Science that includes mechanical ,electrical,Electronics and communication,Computer science and other engineering too.It’s hard to say, given the rapid pace of change in the field as well as in associated areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Management Workshops

Management is a classic tree where its branches are wide spread into Marketing, Investment, Finance and Human resource & Development. It has deep roots & great standards and they are ever evolving.

To make you familiar with evolving methods and to stay in touch with traditional techniques in Management, we, TechTrunk Ventures organize Management Workshops.

Business Etiquette & Personal Grooming, Campus to Corporate Workshop and Entrepreneurship & Business Management are few of them.