Faculty Development Program (FDP)

With the Technology changing at high speed, actually, accelerating, there is utmost pressure on teachers to update themselves with the latest technology and to give that knowledge to their students.

Training on the latest technology by our dedicated training experts to teaching faculty will give teachers an insight of today’s technology. So teachers can merge textbook with the knowledge outside of the textbook and can have a better interaction with students and thus, students come up with fresh and creative ideas. This is the real beauty of education.

We, TechTrunk Ventures contribute in making the real beauty of education turn alive and thus, proudly offer Faculty Development Program (FDP).

Faculty Development Program by our Tech experts helps teachers to gain knowledge of today’s technology.

Recently organized Faculty Development Program-

  1.  AI & Machine Learning, 30th to 2nd May 2018, GIET Gunupur
  2. Big data & Hadoop, 3rd & 4th May 2018, GIET Gunupur
  3. AI & Machine Learning, 15th to 17th May 2018, College of Engineering Pune
  4. FDP on Python Programming & Application Development in Manglore1
  5. FDP on Brainwave Robotics in Chennai
  6. FDP on Research Article Writing using LaTeX in Warangal
  7. and many more…

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