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Activities for students

College/University can host the following activities in the academic year.

Hackathon cum Experiential Learning Event

The hackathon is where college students come together to solve programming, software development, and other technology-related problems collaboratively. In a hackathon, you'll usually have a short time frame.


The purpose of a technical workshop for college students is to give them hands-on training, guidance, and practical skills. Educational institutions often organize these workshops with industry support to supplement traditional academic learning with practical, real-world application.

Skills Oriented/ Value Added Courses and Internship

Skills-oriented courses and internship programs are designed to provide students with practical, industry-relevant skills as well as hands-on experience in a particular field. The purpose of these programs is to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and the skills required by employers

Job Oriented Courses

Job-oriented courses for college students are designed to provide practical skills and knowledge that directly align with the demands of the job market. These courses aim to enhance students' employability and prepare them for specific roles within various industries.

AI Copilot for Future Teachers

An "AI Copilot for Future Teachers" refers to an AI-driven tool or platform designed to assist aspiring or trainee teachers in various aspects of their professional development and teaching practices. Here are some possible features and functionalities:

Faculty Research Apprenticeship

A Faculty Research Apprenticeship collaboration with industry involves academic faculty members working in partnership with industry professionals or companies on real time projects. 

Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) is a structured initiative designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and professional capabilities of faculty members in educational institutions. These programs are intended to support the continuous growth and development of faculty.


A technical webinar for college faculty is an online seminar or presentation that focuses on technical topics, innovations, or advancements in Technology. These webinars are designed to provide faculty members with insights into the latest technologies.


Activities for Faculty Members

College/University can host the following activities in the academic year.


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