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Value-Added Courses (On-Campus)

Value-added courses are additional courses or educational experiences that provide students with extra skills, knowledge, or qualifications beyond the standard curriculum. These courses are designed to enhance a student's academic and professional development.

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About VAC

About Value-Added Course (VAC)

What are on-campus value-added courses?

We, TechTrunk, are offering value-added courses for engineering students at your university or college. These courses aim to equip our engineering students with valuable skills and knowledge that will enhance their academic and professional development. The training session covers both theoretical and practical aspects for a period of one to four weeks. Students are calibrated based on the performance of their hands-on exercises at multiple levels. The course ensures that the student has the necessary academic knowledge and career management skills to be successful upon completion of the course. Here we mentioned a few reasons to join or organize value-added courses for your students.

Here are the few reasons to organize value-added courses for your students.


Available VAC

TechTrunk offers a wide range of technical courses for all department engineering students. few are mentioned below.

01. Programming for Business Analytics (Python/R)

02. Data Analytics and Visualization using python

03. Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

04. Data Mining and Warehousing

05. Big Data Analysis (Hadoop)

06. Applied Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science

07. Data Science and Machine Learning

08. Machine Learning and Deep Learning

09. Cloud infrastructure and Computing using AWS

10. Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

11. Full Stack Development (MERN)

12. Internet of Things (IoT)

13. Android Application Development

14. Cyber Security


What our clients Says

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We are glad to rеport that thе IoT coursе has bееn a rеsounding succеss. Thе coursе structurе and contеnt wеrе wеll-dеsignеd, and thе dеlivеry by thе instructors was highly еffеctivе. Thе studеnts gainеd valuablе insights into thе world of Intеrnеt of Things and its applications in various fiеlds
Dr. M Selavam
HoD ISE, HKBK College of Engineering

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