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DevOps Workshop


This DevOps Workshop is to make an individual expert in all DevOps Concepts from the Basics. This Workshop is provided by Real-Time professionals to make students understand Real-Time IT Scenario’s and Problems.

In this workshop, students will learn various aspects of the principles of continuous development and deployment, software development operations, continuous integration, automation of configuration management and learn various tools.

Open to

Faculty | Students | Professionals | Tech Enthusiasts


Objectives of the Course

  • To understand the DevOps Concepts and DevOps Tools
  • Deploying the main DevOps tools
  • To implement automated system update and DevOps lifecycle
  • To understand virtualization and performance
  • Providing the perfect security for the entire infrastructure

Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming is enough


UNIT 1: Introduction to DevOps
  • What is DevOps?
  • History of DevOps
  • Dev and Ops
  • DevOps definitions, Software Development Life Cycle and main objectives of the DevOps
  • Infrastructure As A Code
  • Prerequisites for DevOps
  • Tools (Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Vagrant and so on.)
  • Continuous Integration and Development 
UNIT 2: Linux Concepts
UNIT 3: Linux Installation
  • User Management
  • Package Management
  • Networking
UNIT 4: Automation Concepts
  • OS Basics
  • Scripting Introduction
  • Learn Shell Scripting
  • Database Concepts
  • Shell Variable, Decision Making and Shell Test Conditions
  • Shell Loops, Re-directors, Exit status 
UNIT 5: Environments
  • Attributes
  • Resources
  • Cookbook
  • Run list
  • Recipes
  • Supermarket
UNIT 6: Build Automation
  • Introduction with Maven
  • Maven structure and Phases
  • Installation of Maven
  • Configuration
  • jar/war project structure
UNIT 7: MySQL Database
  • Working with Database
  • Introduction to MySQL Database
  • Configuration
  • User management
  • Permission management
  • Creating Database
  • Data insertion/update
  • MySQL Data Backup, Hands-on and MySQL GUI Tools
UNIT 8: Installation of WordPress with LAMP
  • Vagrant
  • Introduction to Vagrant
  • Vagrant Terminologies
  • Installation of Vagrant
  • Vagrant Proxy Project and hands-on
UNIT 9: Working with Docker
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker Terminologies
  • Installation of Docker
  • Docker image creation and Docker hands-on
UNIT 10: System Monitoring
  • Introduction to Nagios
  • Concepts behind Nagios
  • Nagios Installation
  • Hands-on


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