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Internet of Things (IoT) using Node MCU



Students | Tech Enthusiasts (Open to all Department)



This workshop is specially designed for UG students from  Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science, and IT who have a keen interest in learning the Internet of Things, The workshop starts from the basics of IoT, to working on hardware, interfacing various types of sensors, working with communication modules like wifi, serial communication, connecting to IoT Cloud services like ThingSpeak, AWS IoT Platform etc.





Session 1

Introduction to the Internet of Things

  • Scope & Job Market of IoT
  • Applications of IoT in Industry, Home & Smart Cities
  • IoT Security


Session 2

Requirements for designing IoT Devices & Services

  • Introduction to a Programmable System
  • Introduction to Node MCU
  • Node MCU Vs Other boards
  • Node MCU Uno Specifications & Pin Layout
  • Node MCU Programming Fundamentals
  • Interfacing LED with Node MCU

Session 3

  • Proximity Sensor & it’s working
  • Interfacing Proximity Sensor with Node MCU
  • Analyzing Sensor data on Serial Monitor and Serial Plotter
  • Interfacing Temperature  Humidity  Sensor with Node MCU

Session 4

  • MQTT protocol
  • Publisher, Subscriber
  • User Cases
  • AWS IoT Process & Architecture

Session 5

  • Working with ESP8266 Wifi Module
  • Testing AT Commands
  • Connecting ESP8266 to Access Point
  • Creating a Local web server using ESP8266
  • Designing UI for IoT Dashboard and using Node MCU as a Server
  • Controlling Devices from the Local server Dashboard
  • Getting Started with ThingSpeak
  • Creating an account
  • Uploading data to the cloud and reading data on Smartphones and PC


Session 6

  • Introduction to Node-red and node.js
  • Installing node-red
  • Installing Serial port
  • Uploading Sensor data on Thingspeak using node-red
  • Uploading data to Cloud demo Platform using node-red




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